Tamashaa | Nukkad Natak

Event Date : 19 January
Registration Amount: Free
Winner : 18000

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“All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.” -William Shakespeare

Light travels faster than sound but SIBM Bengaluru is changing the laws of physics for all you drama enthusiasts!

Let your dialogues echo the unheard and your actions stun the eyes of the audience. The stage is set for all you actors to prove your talent and compete with some of the finest teams in sending out a strong message to the society.

So get ready to sweat it out because there is no room for murmur.The voices should rise loud & clear as the times are now changing! Revive and relive the ancient culture of street plays from the heart & soul of India.

Presenting, the battle of expressions, giving an opportunity to win SIBM-B’s Nukkad Natak Competition- Tamasha!


1. Registration is mandatory for the team either through Revelation website or D2C portal.
Only one member needs to register with whom all communications will be made via mail.
2. Multiple entries from the same college are allowed, but no student can be part of two teams.
3. Team size: Minimum of 10 and maximum of 22 members (inclusive of instrument players).
4. All team members should be current students of the institute. Please bring along your identity cards.
5. Nukkad Natak needs to be in Hindi.
6. Choice of topic/theme is up to team’s discretion. Participants will be judged on the basis of the originality of content/script.
7. Teams are allowed to use Drum, Dholak, Flute or any other music instrument of their choice, but usage of mikes, lights, or other electrical instruments is not allowed.
8. Any form of obscenity through actions or language may result in penalty at the discretion of Judges. It may range from point deduction to disqualification.

ROUND 1: Screening Round

This round is to shortlist the teams which will further be performing in the finale.
1. Registered teams need to submit their script along with a short video clip or can send a link of video they have performed already.
2. The clip must be of 5-8 minutes which is to be shared through Google drive link latest by 5th January 2019 11:59 PM. Submit the link to mail id: jzaa@sibm.edu.in.
3. Please ensure to mention the college and team name with the video. 
4. Shortlisted teams will be informed through mail.

ROUND 2: Finale

1. The shortlisted teams will be called for performing on the day of event 19 th January, 2019 at SIBM, Bengaluru campus.
2. The Judging Criteria will be based on
a. Quality of content
b. Voice Pitching and Action
c. Crowd Interaction and Audience Response
d. Social message (with a focus on how positive social change can be brought about in innovative new ways)
3. Time limit: Maximum 15 minutes (12+3) including set up time [12min: warning bell, 15min: final bell]. Team exceeding the final bell will attract negative markings.
4. Teams are expected to perform at an open air venue.
5. Use of fire (candle, diyas, etc.) and liquid item is strictly prohibited. Also, using any hazardous props/elements is forbidden.
6. Only basic requirements like chair, table etc. can be provided. Teams must bring their props, costume, dressing and all other requirements. Teams need to inform POCs about the props beforehand.
7. Teams must be ready with everything in time as per instruction of organizer.
8. No time for rehearsal will be given on the D-day.
9. No stay arrangements will be provided.
10. Decisions made by the judges will be final and binding.

For any Queries Contact:

Suchismita Pramanik
Ph. No: +91 8583093850
E-mail id:jzaa@sibm.edu.in.