Event Date : 19 January
Registration Amount: 200(solo) & 400(group)
Winner : 5000
Runner Up : 3000

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Imagine a world without music. Deafening, isn't it? Music is the language of the unsaid, the braille to blind hearts and the canvas of poets since time immemorial. Come, drop some beats and weave magic with your singing talent at Rhapsody.

Type: Solo and Duet Singing Competition


No. of Participants: 1
Type of event: Elims + Finals
Performance time: Elims(2+1 mins)
Finals (2+1 mins)


No of Participants: 2
Type of event: Elims + Finals
Performance time: Elims (2+1 mins)
Finals (2+1 mins)


1. Participants should get their karaoke or any 1 instrument along with them.
2. Participants can sing songs from any genre like bollywood, western, semi-classical etc.
3. Not adhering to the time limit will result in negative marking by the judges.

For any Queries Contact:

Mohit Chaturvedi
Ph. No: +91 7737190555
E-mail id: mohit.chaturvedi19@sibm.edu.in