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Event Date : 17 January
Registration : Free
Winner : 10000
Runner Up : 7000

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Industry 4.0 revolution, propelled by technology and driven by the zeal of millennial who are challenging the conventional ideas can either prove to be a giant leap for global economy or can plunge the world into vicious cycle. The Research Committee, SIBM Bengaluru presents you with an opportunity to analyze the prospects of these new business ideas at its Annual International Research Conference Symposio 2020. The theme for the event is: Industry 4.0 – Transcending Limits In Business Unwind the complex links between current industrial scenarios and decipher how it is going to shape our future across domains such as marketing, finance, operations, human resource, analytics, and economics etc. This is your chance to bring alive the Keynes and Kotler lying dormant within you. Register Now!

Sub Themes for Papers:

1. Human Resource Management

•Role of work life balance practices to improve organizational performance
•Workforce Diversity and its impact on productivity
•Talent Management in Industry 4.0 and its impact
•HR’s role in Organizational Innovation
•People Analytics and Workforce Planning

2. Operations

•Moonshots as Business drivers
•AI and discrete manufacturing to Capture Value
•Agility vs. Adaptability: Are structural changes still long term?
•Sustainability in Supply Chain: A comparative perspective in domestic and international journal
•Supply Chain in the New Environment of Industry 4.0

3. Marketing

•Impact of Electronic word of mouth on consumer purchase decision.
•Sustainability marketing practices for sustainable business growth
•Millennial Marketing and growth opportunities for businesses
•Digital practices and trends in emerging economies: A strategic perspective
•MarkTech and Innovation: India and the Globe 

4. Finance

•FinTech and Banking
•Need for Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions.
•The curious case of NBFCs – Regulatory challenges and concerns
•Roll back of surcharge on FPI capital gains
•Free Trade Agreements: Economic policies and Geo-Political relationships

This is a 2 Round Event:

The first round is a screening round in which participants are required to submit the abstract of their research work in less than 300 words.
In the second (final) round, shortlisted participants would be required to come down to SIBM Bengaluru campus to present their research work in front of a panel.
The topics are only indicative. Participants are encouraged to explore areas beyond the topics listed while keeping the theme in mind.
Participants can also present their paper through Skype.

Round 1 : Abstract Submission

Participants have to submit an abstract on their research topic.
Mail the abstracts to
Research topic should not be a generic one but the ones on which the participants have worked or are currently working.

Round 2 : (Final Round) On-Campus Round

The participants, who have been shortlisted for the final round, would have to present their analysis to a panel of judges on the day of Symposio 2020 in SIBM B campus.
Each participant would be allotted 10 minutes to present & 5 minutes for Q&A sessions.
Decision taken by the judges and the Symposio team will be considered as final and binding..


The abstract should contain a maximum of 300 words..
Mail the abstracts to
Evidence/ proof of Research work has to be submitted on the day of Symposio. Strictly adhere to the deadlines.

Important Dates

1. Abstract submission (300 words) closes on – 20th December,2019
2. Final Paper Submission closes on – 1st January,2020
Evidence/ proof of Research work has to be submitted on the day of Symposio. Strictly adhere to the deadlines.

For any Queries Contact:

Medhavi Rana
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