Opsathena | Operations Event

Event Date : 18-19 January
Registration Amount: ₹500
Winner : ₹22000
Runner Up : ₹13000

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Winning isn't everything--but wanting to win is.

In this VUCA world, re-define your thoughts, here comes the arena to differentiate yourself from the rest. In this competition, participants will go through challenges encompassing different components of the operations world. Over the course of the two-day event, one will be invigorated with the exploration of the ins and out of operations management through various tasks, challenges, and competitors that bottleneck the path to victory. This event will test one’s forecast, scheduling, strategy and perseverance needed to win. We present to you, OpsAthena, on the podium of Revelation 2020. Witness the greatest litmus test of all. Get your sync right in the clutch and be the best, among the Best. Gear up yourself! The colosseum is set.


1. Teams must comprise of 2 members only.
2. The team members must be from same institute.
3. A participant can be a part of only one team.
4. Multiple teams can participate from one B-School.
5. Teams can comprise of members either both from same year or one from each 1st and 2nd year.
6. The event will be held on 18th and 19th January 2020.
7. Participants must carry College ID card, PAN Card and one of the valid government ID proofs with them.
8. The participants must carry with them laptops with MS Office installed, Internet connectivity, pen drive and calculators.
9. Participants are expected to be dressed in Business formals for entire two days.
10. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in between rounds unless specified.
11. Each round will have their own set of rules.
12. Use of unfair means will lead to immediate disqualification.
13. Details and specifications are subject to change, and further changes, if any would be notified via the registered email id.
14. The rules and decisions of the judging panel and organizing team of Revelation’20 in all matters related to event shall be final and abiding.
15. The decision of the judges and the organizing committee for ‘Revelation’ will be final.
16. All Participants are requested to bring along a cancelled cheque or passbook with them.

For any Queries Contact:

Himani Patel
Ph. No.: +91 9408766762
E-mail id: revelation@sibm.edu.in