En Vogue

Event Date : 20 January
Registration Amount: 700
Winner : 10000
Runner Up : 6000

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Explosions of colour and cutting-edge designs have been the hallmarks of fashion shows over the years. While spectators enjoy the procession of modern ensembles and accessories, it is the students/participants who work physically and mentally to create collections of their own. Bring out the diva within and let your oomph factor raise the temperatures on a cool January evening.

Participants will have the liberty to showcase their outfits, styles and attitudes depicting their own inspirations and theme of their choice. Create something physical to represent something internal.
The parameters for scoring will be music, creative themes, choreography, clothing, attractive and power-packed presentation, unique formations, use of props, masks, face paints and other innovative ideas.

Performance Time: 8+2 minutes (performance + setup)


1. The teams must come prepared with their own costumes and music.
2. Each team should have a minimum of 5 members.
3. They will also be allowed to project any background visualizations/pictures through the projector, according to their own requirements.
4. Any kind obscenity will not be permitted and will lead to automatic disqualification.
5. Final decision regarding any matter lies in the hands of organizers and judges.
6. There will be negative marks for exceeding the time limit.

For any Queries Contact:

Abhishikta Das
Ph. No: +91 9038361576
E-mail id: abhishikta.das19@sibm.edu.in