Event Date : 18-19 January
Registration Amount: ₹500
Winner : ₹22000
Runner Up : ₹13000

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“Finding patterns is easy in any kind of data-rich environment; that’s what mediocre gamblers do. The key is in determining whether the patterns represent noise or signal.” -Nate Silver

Achieving your business outcomes today demands smarter insights delivered faster than before. Doing so in today’s complex world requires a blend of human intellect and high-performance machines, automation, business analytics, among others. 
  Rising every year in relevance, stature, and competitiveness, SIBM-Bengaluru presents DataWars.
  DataWars presents a new paradigm and a vast pool of opportunities, along with current & contemporary challenges in the domain of analytics. This event enables the participants to apply their theoretical learnings and provides numerous learning opportunitiesto build upon their analytics acumen.


1.The participants are expected to register themselves before the registration gets closed.
2.Participation must be in teams of 2 (of the same institute, across years).
3.Multiple teams from the same institute is allowed.
4.No person should be a member of more than one team.
5.The teams that qualify the Online Round will then be called on campus for further rounds.
6.The event will be held on 18th and 19th January 2020 on campus.
7.Each team is required to get their own laptops, dongles and USB drives and calculators.
8.The participants are expected to have MS Excel (2016 preferred) installed.
9.Any team caught using unfair means like internet or mobile (unless otherwise specified) will be disqualified.
10.All the participants must carry a valid ID card of their institute or a bonafide certificate duly signed by the Director.
11.All the participants must carry their PAN card and a valid photo ID.
12.The decision of the judges and the organizing committee for ‘Revelation’ will be final and binding.
13.No changes are allowed post registration.
14.All Participants are requested to bring along a cancelled cheque or passbook with them.

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