Event Date : 17-18 January
Registration Amount: ₹400(Per Team)
Winner : Prizes and Surprise Gifts

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When was the last time you got high off of a pulsating FIFA clash with a gritty opponent?  When was the last time you experienced a maddening, nerve wracking game of Need For Speed, or an intense combat on WWE?

We are back with another edition of Game-a-Thon, an intense two-day gaming competition with games like FIFA 20, WWE 2K19, Mortal Kombat and Need for Speed! 

It's time you showcase your killer instinct   and emerge a champion! Join us to see who will take the crown of the FIFA champion at GAME-A-THON 2020!

Get your game face on and sign up using the link below.   We also have an XBox One Kinect Zone where you can experience a number of fun games like running, baseball, skiing and many more! Do get your friends along and have a great time together!


1. Participation must be in teams of 2, from the same Institute.
2. No person should be a member of more than one team.
3. Participants are requested to adhere to the timing specified for each event.
4. If you do not report within 10 minutes of your allotted time, the match will be forfeited.
5. The organisers' decision will be final and binding.
6.All Participants are requested to bring along a cancelled cheque or passbook with them.

For any Queries Contact:

Rishi Sanghani
Ph. No: +91 9967519002
Kedar Gokhale
Ph. No.: +91 8511170688