Game-a-thon 3.0

Event Date : 19-21 January
Registration Amount: 400(Per Team)
Winner : 25000

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Imagination has been an age old favorite escape. But us millennials, don't escape from reality. We merge reality and imagination for entertainment.

Come, experience the fourth dimension between imagination, reality and virtuality.
We, at Revelation'18, unleash GAME-A-THON, the most thrilling gaming arena for you. Play your favorite games, challenge your friends on consoles and take a rollercoaster ride through the virtual world.

Rules for DOTA 2

1. By attending the competition participants acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations, official announcement, and with the statements and decisions made by the referees.
2. Every participant acknowledges the right for the administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice to ensure fairly.
3. All communication with the admin must be done through the steam client.
4. Every team must accept the official schedule of the competition and declare their ability to be available during the time specified.
5. A new member can only be added during the competition, if he hasn't played a game for another team inside the competition. To request an addition, the captain or manager of the team has to provide the administration all additional information.
6. If any data about the team needs to be changed, the captain or manager of the team can request this towards an admin at any time. If any data of a specific team member needs to be changed, the participant or his captain or manager can request this towards an admin.
7. A stand-in may not be member of another team or have played a game for another team within the same or a higher stage of the competition
8. All required Settings are listed below.
Team Size: 5
Mode: Captain's Mode
Round 1 - Single Elimination Bracket
Round 2 - Single Elimination Bracket
Semi-finals - Best of three(BO3)
Finals - Best of three(BO3)
9. Every participant has to show the needed respect towards referees and other participants. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behaviour towards anyone are not tolerated and will be punished.
10.Teams can pause the game if there is an issue. Unnecessary pauses will not be tolerated.
11.Players can bring their own mouse and keyboards.
12. All teams captains must report to the admin 25 minutes prior to the starting time of the game. Being late may lead to disqualification.
13.The Tournament size is subject to change based on the number of total teams registered at the end of the registration period.
14. No one will be allowed around the players where the match is going on.
15. RIG ESPORTS reserves the right to overrule any pre-stated tournament rules at any given point if deemed necessary to ensure fair play. Decisions from RIG ESPORTS are final.
16. Any violation of the tournament rules will not entertained and the team violating the rules will face the consequences.

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