Futsal | Football Event

Event Date : 19th & 20th January
Registration Amount: 700
Winner : 10000
Runner Up : 6000

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Here’s the Kicker, the biggest religion in the world is not even a religion, it’s football.

Perseverance. Adversity. Triumph. Defeat. This time of year, we see it all left on the field, as Futsal is officially upon us. Revelation ‘19 brings to you, the inter college football tournament where the best of the best shall compete to emerge as the ultimate champions

Rules for Footie

1) Teams will consist of minimum of 6 players with 4 playing and 2 as substitutes and maximum of 7 players with 4 playing and 3 as substitutes.
2) Games will be played for two half of 8 minutes each i.e. 16 minutes with 3 minutes of break.
3) Goalkeeper’s cannot use their hands to stop the ball.
4) There is no offside rule.
5) A team is allowed to concede 2 corners; the third corner will be counted as a penalty.
6) Penalty needs to be taken from half court and should reach the goal with maximum of one bounce.
7) Corners get refreshed after the half or once a penalty has been conceded.
8) In case of a tie
a. During Round Robin matches, there will be extra time of 4 minutes for each half with a minute break. And scoring would be 3 points for win, 1 point for draw and 0 point for a loss.
b. In knockout matches, there will be direct penalty shootout.
9) In case of yellow card, the player has to sit-out for 2 minutes without replacement.
10) In case of red card, the player has to leave the field permanently.
11) In case of ball going out of play, the time will be considered (unless a major break has occurred).
12) The goals scored should be from the opponent’s half. If the ball hit from own half goes into the post after deflection from the opponent player, the goal will be considered.
13) Throw-ins are not allowed.
14) Referees decision is final.

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