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CP PLUS is the leading global manufacturer of world-class security and surveillance systems. The latest HIS Survey on World Market 2016 ranks CP PLUS is the youngest and fastest brand to enter the club of Global Top 4 and Asia's Top 2 security and surveillance brands. CP PLUS has global presence with offices in Australia, Bangladesh, China, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Middle East, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, UAE, and Vietnam. As a market leader and a customer-centric brand, CP PLUS has realized the urgent need for intelligent security systems, and responded with a wide variety of products and solutions that not only allows monitoring but also initiates immediate action.

CP PLUS products are designed to meet a wide variety of security needs and perform across varying environments – all products undergo stringent quality tests to confirm to international certifications such as UL, EN, CE, FCC, RoHS. That’s not all; CP PLUS products can seamlessly integrate with allied security facets such as alarm systems, fire protection systems, access control systems, etc. to create a complete security ecosystem that ensures all round protection.

For more than a decade now, CP PLUS products and solutions are successfully monitoring highly sensitive defense locations, government buildings, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes and even homes.