Colossal Clash 3.0

Event Date : 20-21 January
Registration Amount: 700
Prizes Worth : 45000

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SIBM Bengaluru's Revelation 2018, is all set with its flagship event: The Colossal Clash, where you will experience a crowd which will applaud loud at your coronation but

LOUDER at your beheading.

THIS is where you witness a battle against some of the best brains across the country and,


So, convene your courage and gather your guts to experience the most stressful 129,600 seconds of your life.


1. It is an individual event. A maximum of two participants are allowed from an Institute
SIBM-B students are not allowed to participate.
2. The final rounds will be held on 20th and 21st January 2018 on campus.
3. Every round will have a specific set of rules, which you will be expected to abide by.
4. Any use of dishonest means will lead to immediate disqualification.
5. The teams that qualify the Online Round will then be called on campus for further rounds.
6. Participants of Colossal Clash are not allowed to participate in any other event.
7. Participants must be in formal attire at all times during the event.
8. Participants must carry their own laptops, USB drives, normal/scientific calculator and Internet Dongles.
9. Participants must carry their college ID cards, valid Government photo ID (PAN, Driving License,Passport, Aadhar)
for the process of registration/accommodation purposes (in original).
10. If a participant does not have an ID or a bonafide letter duly signed by the Head of the Department, with the details of the participants, must be carried.
11. Once on campus, participant is required to be in campus until eliminated or final results are declared.
Hence, you are requested to carry your backpack and necessary amenities for 2 days.
12. Only outstation participants qualifying for the final day rounds will be provided accommodation.
13. Participants should strictly adhere to the rules of the event and all decisions made by Judges/Event. Team shall be binding and irrevocable.
14. Any changes in the event structure will be at the discretion of the event coordinators.

For any Queries Contact:

Vinayak Ketha
Ph. No: +91 961-916-2835
E-mail id: