Colossal Clash 5.0 | Best Manager Event

Event Date : 18-19 January
Registration Amount: ₹700
Prizes Worth : ₹35000

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Presenting Colossal Clash V – the most challenging event of Revelation 2020!

So what does the Title of ‘The Best Manager’ mean to you?

Will you be pushed to the point of quitting and still hold your ground?
Will your mind soldier on, amidst stress and wave after wave of challenges?
It’ll be tough – but tough is just a word that defines one’s limit and intervenes with the potential.

Colossal Clash V will take you to the arenas of different specializations wherein you would be required to fight your way through waves of challenges with just one goal in mind – TOTAL DOMINATION. Dig deep and find solutions to a series of problems using aptitude, logical reasoning, communication skills. And if your strategy fails then let your instincts takeover and take you ashore. Do you have it in you? Do you believe you can take the challenge? Climb that ladder and unleash ‘the best’ in you. This event requires dedication, self-belief, resilience, commitment and nonetheless passion for what you have taken up. You will not just portray your skills out there but will take back home an experience like never before. Get ready to be tested and pushed to your mental limits!


1. It is an individual event.
2. The final rounds will be held on 18th and 19th January 2020 on campus.
3. Every round will have a specific set of rules, which you will be expected to abide by
4. Any use of dishonest means will lead to immediate disqualification.
5. Participants who qualify the Online Round will be called on campus for further rounds.
6. Participants of Colossal Clash are not allowed to participate in any other event.
7. All participants must be dressed in business formals. Tie is mandatory for men and women are advised to avoid heels.
8. Participants must carry their own laptops, USB drives, normal/scientific calculator and must have windows movie maker/ apple imovie software preloaded on their laptops.
9. Participants must carry their college ID cards, valid Government photo ID (PAN, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar) for the purpose of registration/accommodation (in original).
10. If a participant does not have a college ID, he / she must carry a bona fide letter duly signed by the Head of the Department, with the details of the participants.
11. Once on campus, participants are not allowed to leave until eliminated or final results are declared. Hence, you are requested to carry your backpack and necessary amenities for 2 days.
12. Accommodation would be provided to only those participants who qualify for the final round.
13. Participants should strictly adhere to the rules of the event and all decisions made by the judges/ coordinating team shall be binding and irrevocable
14. Any changes in the event structure will be at the discretion of the event coordinators.
15. All Participants are requested to bring along a cancelled cheque or passbook with them.

For any Queries Contact:

Apoorva N Pai
Ph. No.: +91 7829550747
Abhay Shirole
Ph. No.: +91 9561200030
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