Slam Jam | Basketball Event

Event Date : 18th January
Registration Amount: ₹500
Winner : ₹10000
Runner Up : ₹6000

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“Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them. Defend till the end. Defend and Dominate. It’s not the hours you put in; it’s what you put into the hours.

We bring to you, Slam Jam, the inter college Basketball Tournament. So Cut the Net. Wish together, Swish Together and Make the Win happen.

Rules for Slam Jam

1. Each team should consist of not more than 10 team members (minimum 7)
2. The game will be of 4 quarters (6 minutes)
• One timeout in each quarter
• 1.30 mins rest between each quarter
• Halftime would be of 3 mins
3. A violation will be called if the offense fails to bring the ball from the backcourt to the frontcourt within eight seconds after gaining possession
4. The ball becomes dead when an official blows his whistle while the ball is live.
5. No 3 pointers in this game.
6. Charging is illegal personal contact, with or without the ball, by pushing or moving into an opponent’s torso.
7. Pushing is illegal personal contact with any part of the body where a player forcibly moves or attempts to move an opponent with or without the ball.
8. Holding is illegal personal contact with an opponent that interferes with his freedom of movement. This contact (holding) can occur with any part of the body.
9. Travelling is the illegal movement of both feet in any direction, while holding a live ball on the playing court.
• While lay-up steps taken more than two and half is a violation
10. Backcourt violation when player crosses the centre line, if he/she by mistake steps behind the centre line or ball goes back of the court it’s a violation.
11. Blocking is illegal personal contact which impedes the progress of an opponent with or without the ball.
12.All Participants are requested to bring along a cancelled cheque or passbook with them.

For any Queries Contact:

Radhika Chaddha
Ph. No: +91 9925023513