Avventura | Informals Event

Event Date : 18-19 January
Registration Amount: Free
Winner : 14000
Runner Up : 8000

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‘Avventura’- Out Play, Out Last

Neither a hunt for the gifted star,

Nor a song or dance will win the war.

It’s a battle to check your will and wit,

A journey that tests determination and grit.

So tighten your laces, and put your toes behind the line,

As failure is not what winners define.

Defeat is not an option, neither quitting a choice,

Until the last remains standing.


1. In case of any conflict, the decision of the organizers will be considered final.
2. All the teams are required to report on time, no teams will be entertained after the start of the event.
3. A member participating in this event is not allowed to participate in any other event at the same time.
4. In case of unfair means or violation of rules, the team will be disqualified.
5. Participants need to present their College ID/Office ID at the time of reporting.
6. The rules of the tasks of the event will be disclosed before the task.
7. Team size: 2
8. No Registration fees.
9. Sports Attire Preferably
10. Participants need to bring their laptops with them for the event.
11. It is mandatory for the participants to carry their PAN card and a valid ID proof.

For any Queries Contact:

Tanvi Mehta
Ph. No: +91 9943639050
E-mail id: revelation@sibm.edu.in